Ghost Ghillie Suit

The Ghost Ghillie Suit is an advanced 3D camouflage suit that is a mid-weight synthetic ghillie suit. We have made this a full ghillie suit after determining that one of the most common complaints with ghillie suits is that they do not have enough material.  You will never think that there is not enough thread on this ghillie suit.

We put over 4 lbs of thread on this 3 piece ghillie suit set. This ghillie suit is built on a lightweight soft base breathable material. The threading is sewn directly to the jacket and pants eliminating the need for the netting foundation layer. A hardly elastic rifle wrap is included also.

The Woodland Color is based on our own special 7 color thread pattern with 4 different shades of green, tan, black and brown.  This thread pattern was shown in field tests as being harder to spot when compared to the other commercially made ghillie suits with only greens and brown.

woodland ghillie suit 2

woodland ghillie suit 6

woodland ghillie suit 5

Our Dry Grass Color is an unique color.  Most desert ghillie suits are tan and light colored. Our Dry Grass ghillie suit pattern was designed for open fields during the fall and spring seasons when grass begins to die and turn yellow.  Our Dry Grass pattern consists of a greenish tan base mixed with some light olive thread to mimic grassland.

ghost ghillie suits dry grass



Complete Ghillie Suit Set (Jacket, Pants and Rifle Wrap)
Woodland Camo Pattern
Adjustable Drawstrings
Elastic Support
Ultra Light-weight Shell
Extremely Breathable Double Mesh Shell
Fire Retardant Synthetic Thread
Camouflage Carrying Bag

Jacket Specifications:

Breathable Inner Mesh Shell
5 Quick Release Snap Buttons
Elastic Waist and Cuffs
Attached Hood with Drawstrings
Pants Specifications:

Inner Camouflage Mesh Shell
Elastic Waist with Adjustable Drawstring
Elastic Ankles

Ghillie Rifle Wrap:

Elastic Band with Ghillie Thread
Elastic Loop Ends for Easy Attachment

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