Arcturus 3D Leafy Suit

arcturus 3d leaf suit



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The Arcturus 3D Leafy Ghillie Suit is a new camouflage suit designed to blend into wooded and leafy environments.  It is extremely lightweight and easy to transport.  This suit consists of a lightweight polyester mesh shell which is covered with over a thousand leaves designed to break up your outline and form.  These leaves give this suit amazing depth allowing you to blend into your environment.  The entire suit weighs 18 oz (ML size) and packs easily a large pocket or small bag.

Use this suit in heavily wooded and bush areas where a ghillie suit may snag too much.  The leaves on this suit will not snag or catch brush and dirt.

The jacket features a zippered front and hood.  The pants feature a drawcord waist.

  • Jacket with hood and zipper front
  • Pants with elastic waist and draw cord
  • Silent
  • Very Lightweight, 18 oz total weight (ML Size)
  • Over a thousand 3D leaves

Comes in two sizes, ML (6'0" and under) and XL (6'1" and over).

Available in Fall Forest, Autumn, Dark Woodand and Summer Green

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